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Health, happiness and joy are integrated - you can't have one without the other

At Head to Heart Health, I help you move from being stuck in your head to connecting to your heart. I offer a range of accessible services that help you feel healthy and live in alignment physically, mentally and energetically. Health, happiness and joy are integrated - you can’t have one without the other.

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As a bit of a ‘sceptic’ I was unsure of how I was going to react to my first session with Lucy. I needn’t have worried because it was amazing.


Lucy made me feel so comfortable. Her knowledge and insight along with her ability to attune herself to what I needed was incredible.  I feel like she has given me the tools that I need to start making positive changes in my life and I can’t wait to go back to her for another session.


Cannot recommend her highly enough! Thanks Lucy!



We can not thank Lucy enough. We came to Lucy seeking guidance and opinions for our little one who struggled with emotional regulation, erratic behaviour and sleep disturbances. After just one visit we saw a different child. After a few visits we now have a happy, healthy little boy who is getting very good at knowing his emotions, how his body feels and he sleeps through the night.

Melissa Palmer

Hypnosis Package

I have found Lucy to be an excellent coach. Helping me overcome a variety of bocks I have come up against in my life either business of health related. Highly  recommend Head to Heart Health.

Kristy Sapwell

Hypnosis Package

I cannot thank Lucy enough for how much she has helped me. I booked in for her Hypnosis Package to try and help me gain a different view on eating healthy and working out.


The changes to my thoughts not only from the Hypnosis but also from her knowledge and advice has changed my life drastically! I now look at food as a way to fuel my body and to look at gym as a fun activity instead of a chore.


She also has helped me with my compulsive thinking which has made a huge difference in my personal life and work life. I could not recommend Lucy enough. Thank you so much Lucy for all your help you have changed my life forever!​

Lauren Kate Ventrice

Hypnosis Package

It’s time to create a life of health and joy.

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